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This month's bonus campaign is underway!

No upper limit

Deposit Bonus gift!

New account opening

Get a $100
account opening bonus

For new deposits

of your deposit
30% bonus gift

Please take advantage of this opportunity to get the bonus and make your trading more profitable.

The maximum bonus is $5000.

15 seconds, and It is FREE
Get Bonus By Deposit

Please follow the steps below as soon as possible.
Please proceed to open an account.



Account opening

You can apply for an account by clicking here.
Easy to open with just 4 fields!
Time required: 15 seconds



Information Registration

Please log in to My Page.

Please enter the required information and submit your personal identification documents from the "Basic User Information Settings".

If the information is correct, the authentication is complete. You can confirm the completion of the authentication by clicking on the message in My Page.

If you wish to receive a bonus, you will be required to submit an ID card to verify your identity. The bonus will be reflected as soon as possible after we confirm the submitted documents are in order.



Start trading

You can start trading as soon as your account has been credited with the bonus or, if you have already deposited, as soon as you have confirmed that your deposit has been credited.

Please install MT4 and start entering trades.

For those who wish to apply for a corporate account

●Please enter the name of the individual representative in STEP 1.
●Please provide your company name and address in STEP 2, and attach a document verifying your company.


●Only one bonus will be applied at a time.

●The maximum deposit bonus will be USD5,000.

●The bonus will be applied to KYC registration and deposit request within 14 days of registration.