Terms of use

Terms and Conditions of Use

This website is provided by ForexBz Ltd

Chapter 1 Definitions

For the purpose of this agreement, following words shall have the meaning assigned to them in the defined terms

"This service" uses the settlement service and IB system provided by ForexBz Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), as well as the mail system and each internet service to provide information, provide each product, and provide support related to all of them.

"User" means a person who has agreed with the terms and conditions of this service with the Company and who has registered with the Partner (IB) as a trader.

Chapter 2 (scope of agreement)

The scope of this agreement is as follows.

Regarding the use of this service, we will apply to all matters between our company and the user.

The Company shall be able to change the content provided by the Service and the Terms and Condition of Use without notifying the user in advance.

Chapter 3 (contents of service)

Various services related to financial product trading system, settlement service, IB system, mail delivery system, and Internet provided by our company.

The user shall recieve the inquiry service related to services provided by our company.

Due to business or technical issues, the provision of this service including support may be changed or terminated.

Chapter 4 (User registration)

To use the service provided by our company, you will need to register as a user by desigated application form website.

This service is available to anyone who is age 18 and above, understands the language ,capable of reading, and promise to comply with the terms and guidelines of this service.

After confirming the application in the previous section, we will send an e-mail for confirmation to the user. If you reply to us, user registration will be completed.

Chapter 5 ( Disclaimer)

If you open an account with us, you can use the EA provided by us free of charge and without limitation. However, it is prohibited to use it in any other account issued by other company or an account unauthorized by our company.

You will be fully responsible if you are trade with EA

Chapter 6 (Change of registration information)

The user shall immediately notify us (change / correct the member registration information on the management screen) when there is a change in the information registered at the time of opening the account such as name, address, telephone number, email address, bank account, etc.

We have no obligation to change on behalf of the user.

Chapter 7 (Prohibition)

User ID issued by the Company is prohibited from lending to a third party and selling or transferring.

User is fully responsible for ID management, and all activities performed under ID (If your ID is used or leaked by a third party, please contact us immediately.)

Once registered, the ID will be valid as long as our service continues.

The user can be identified by the ID.

Chapter 8 (Password)

The password issued by our company to the user shall be handled with care so that it will not be disclosed or leaked to a third party.

User shall take the responsibility for inadequate managing, problem in use, and violationby a third party.

We will send you a confirmation email when you apply through registered email address. You will be responsible if an unauthorized access to your e-mail address and the approval of various procedures is performed by a third party, User shall be caution and carry out strict control on registered information.

Chapter 9 (personal information)

When we acquire the personal information of user for the operation of this service, we will use the personal information only for the purpose of use with the consent of the user in advance. It will not be used for any purpose other than the intended purpose without prior notice to the user. and hereby pledge to devote thorough efforts to the proper treatment and protection of personal information.

The purpose of obtaining personal information from users as followings, and user shall agree to the following purposes of use.

  • Providing identification and contact information for using the service
  • To be used as marketing data for the purpose of carrying out our business and improving services
  • To be used to services provided by the Company or other services

We will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the user, except in the following cases.

  • In accordance with laws and regulations
  • To provide personal information upon the request of a court or administrative
  • For the purpose of protecting life,or property of the user
  • We shall outsource to third party for achieving the purpose of use in the preceding paragraph.
  • Due to a joint venture or other reasons when it comes to achieving succession of company business
  • Et cetera, if it is considered that it is necessary to disclose or provide personal information based on normal conception

Chapter 10 (Agreement of Information Delivery by E-mail)

Our company and subcontractors shall be able to deliver information to users by E-mail in the terms of using the service

If you want to stop receiving emails from us, please contact us here. and meanwhile please note that we will delete all the registered information (account).

Chapter 11 (Notification to Users)

The Company shall be able to notify the user by E-mail or a method deemed by the Company (such as notification on the User My Page).

E-mail notification based on the preceding paragraph shall arrive at the moment when we send the notification to the registered email address of the user.

Chapter 12 (Prohibited Behavior of Users)

For the purpose of using this service, the user must not do the following. or we will stop the user to using our service unconditionally, we will reserve the right to take legal action. we will not notify or explain to the user if you violate the terms and conditions of use.

  • Registration by a non-existence user
  • Account is used by third party
  • Account is used by multiple person
  • Fraudence information, missing information, or intentionally not filling correct information when applying for registration
  • Multiple accounts for the same person for one registration type (except special approved by the company)
  • Acts that interfere with our business, whether intentionally or negligently
  • Violation of the copyrights or other rights of our company or the outsourcing company
  • Slander or damage to our company or a third party
  • Violation of intellectual property rights such as copyrights, personality rights such as portrait rights, legal rights and rights deserving protection, and acts that violate against relevant laws and regulations.
  • Violation of personal information of third party
  • Activities that are illegal or that suspected to be illegal
  • Tradings that we determine to be inappropriate as per bellows,
  • After applying deposits to two or more multiple vendors, performing double-traded transactions (including the same currency pair and highly correlated currency pairs)
  • Trading in both accounts with multiple accounts (including same currency pair and highly correlated currency pairs)
  • Trades and arbitrage that are considered malicious for the blind spots of the services and systems that we provide.
  • Trades with large amount of Lot without prior notice
  • Registered with fraudelence contact information or contact information of a third party
  • Action may mislead consumers' judgments or actions that the Company considers unfavorable to consumers
  • Either an incompetent individual or quasi-incompetent without obtaining the consent of a legal representative when apply for registration
  • Registered as a user regardless of being under 18 years old
  • Anti-social, violation to the law, or any others prohibited by the Company
  • Anti-social force, criminal,violation to the law, or a person is prohibited to trade with the company

Chapter 13 (Entry/ uploading data)

Data uploaded at the time of registration or on the purpose of using service will not be returned.

We shall delete all data when user request for closing account.

Chapter 14 (Guarantee)

ForexBz Ltd. separately stores the same amount as the operating funds of the user.

Chapter 15 (Maintenance of service)

Maintenance of service may be performed on a regular and irregular basis. In the meantime, the service will be suspended and IB users should be complying with it.

  • While performing system maintenance
  • Damage of nature, fire, strikes, floods, plagues, riots or acts of war.
  • When we judge that it is impossible to provide the service

Chapter 16 (About changes in specifications of this service)

We shall able to add or change the specifications of this service without the prior consent of the user.

Chapter17 (Deposit)

We do not accept any deposit requests from third party. The name of depositl request shall in corespondence to the same as the account name, and we only accept domestic financial accounts in your country of residence or motherland country. All deposit requests made in the name of a third party will be rejected without exception.When you deposit money to our trading account, it is only can be proceed with the specified deposit method. To deposit, log in to My Page, click "deposit" from the menu, and Please confirm the details of the with deposit method and proceed with the deposit request. in order to expedite the deposit procedure, we will proceed directly from the same account. Please note that depsit is only available to those who have completed the document submission at the time of account opening.

Chapter 18 (Withdrawal)

We do not accept any withdrawal requests from third party. The name of withdrawal request shall in corespondence to the same as the account name, and we only accept domestic financial accounts in your country of residence or motherland country. All withdrawal requests made in the name of a third party will be rejected without exception.When withdraw money from our trading account, it is only can be proceed with the specified withdrawal method. To withdraw money, log in to My Page, click "Withdrawal" from the menu, and Please confirm the details of the withdrawal method and proceed with the withdrawal request. in order to expedite the withdrawal procedure, we will proceed directly from the same account. Please note that withdrawal is only available to those who have completed the document submission at the time of account opening.

Chapter 19 (Sign up for contract)

If you have not registered as a user, after confirm the contents of this agreement, you will need to fill out the necessary information from the registration form on the official website. We will review your application and it will be approved according to our regulations, we will send you the ID and account information by e-mail, with those information user can log in to My Page. It is considered that the contract singed when you receive your ID.

Users who have completed registration are deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions of use

After the Partner (IB) agrees to the Terms of Use, which is defined separately, after you submit all required documentations, we will review your application and once the procedure is completed, it is considered the contract has been signed.

Chapter 20 (Cancellation, returns, refunds)

We shall not refund for the loss to the users who owns account in our company, All users should responsible a high level of risk to your capital and you should only trade with money you can afford to lose.

We shall not able to proceed with your withdrawal application if you violated against our terms of use and you shall have no objection to it.Your captial funds can be refunded, please be aware refunding can not be proceeded if there is loss on your captial funds.The profit made from bonus shall not be counted.

If we have identified IB of any issues associated with the promotion of our services exceeds 5 cases within 30 days, we will freeze your reward until it is being clarified and prevention is guaranteed.

If the (IB) has any illegality or offensive to public order and morals in our promotions, or violate against Terms of Use, we will cancel your registration of the promotion, reward of IB will be confiscated, and your account will be suspended or deleted, we also reserve the right to take legal action.

Reward will be exempted or confiscated if the person trade by IB who violates our term of use.

Chapter21 (cancellation of loss compensation at the time of withdrawal)

We forbid malicious trades with blind spots in services such as no proof and bonuses. based on Chapter12 and 13 and 14 of the Terms of Use, it is strictly prohibited to deposit money into multiple vendors and carry out double-traded transactions, or conduct double-traded transactions with multiple accounts. If it turns out that you have made a transaction using the deposit bonus, the amount subtracted from the loss compensation amount at the time of withdrawal will be considered as the withdrawal amount.Our team will monotoring all the time, we will not responsible even it is Even if you make a judgment that you do not intend, we will not respond to protests from users. Thank you for your understanding in advance. Also, when you open an account, you agree to the terms of use and guidelines. Please note that you agree above term os use before you start your trading or we shall not reply on such inquiries afterwards.

Chapter 22 (Disclaimer)

The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by the user's or inability to use the Service

Chapter 23( Contract period)

The term of this Agreement shall be one(1) year from the registration of SP,this Agreement shall be extended periods of one (1) year each unless either party gives the other party notice of non-extension in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the original or any extended term of this Agreement.

Chapter 24 (Approval)

The user shall agree as per following

  • Partner (IBM) system is standard

Chapter 25 (Cancellation/Close Account)

If you decide to cancel your membership, please apply through the inquiry form. It will be proceeded within one week from the day your application recieved.Regarding the balance of account,you shall apply for withdrawal all your funds before you request for cancellation. Your account will be completely deleted once your application is processed If there is over JPY5000 of your IB reward iremakn unpaid when you apply for cancellation/close account, we shall consider you abondent your profit at the time of being. No charges on cancellation/close account.

Chapter 26 (Service and Support Hours, etc.)

Our service hours as per following, in which you can open an account, registration of IB and ID issuring.

Opening account and IB registration, ID all available 24 hours a day.

Inquiries by e-mail and telephone are available from 10:00 to 18:00, except weekends and holidays.

Chapter 27 (Compensation)

When seeking compensation for damages that have occurred for some reason, the user and the company shall consult with each other.

Chapter 28 (Jurisdiction)

The terms and conditions of this agreement shall be interpreted by the law of the country in which the company operates, and the law of the country in which the user resides shall never be applied. In the event of a dispute between our company and the user, we will try to resolve it by discussing with each other, but if it is difficult to solve it, we will file for suit in the country where we operate.