Follow terms

Follow's account setting will be made to Follow account which applied from the apllication form.

Please be noted you shall be comply with terms and conditions of use per followings

Please read each clause and click [Agree on Follow Usage and complete the setting] at the bottom of the page

Operation of Follow Trade

The follower account will be managed by “ForexBz Forex Investment LTD”.

Regarding the specifications of the system and the operation of trade the above-mentioned operator is responsible and we will not answer any of your questions even if you contact ForexBz Forex.

* I understand all above, and agree that the operator of the Follow account is not ForexBz, but ForexBz Investment LTD.

・Follow Trade

Please ensure that you fully understand risks involved and operation of Follow and ForexBz investment LTD will not responsibile for any of your loss."

* I understand the possibility of loss in using the above Follow account and agree to use it at my own risk.

・ Follow account specifications

Generally you can trade with your original follow account at the same time,but this is not be guaranteed

Depending on the market conditions and the order acceptance status, there is a possibility that the contract rate is not accurate or the contract itself may not be executed.

* I agree to use it by understand of the possibility that there is a difference in profit and loss from the parent account when using the above Follow account.

Follow will be entered from the signal after the your trade starts,

If the operation is stopped while holding a position, the settlement will be executed at the same time as the original follow account.

Unless the holding position is settled, it cannot be made manually

I agree to use it by understand of the specifications after the suspension of operation of the Follow account.

・Charge of Follow

Service charge is based on the profit generated by using Follow, it will be closed at the end of month and automatically deducted from your follow account at the at the last day of next month

It is calculate as monthly profit basis, loss of your account will not be carried forward to the next month.

* I agree to use it by accpet the charge for using Follow account.

・Terms and Conditions of Use for Follow account

The terms and conditions for using Follow are partially changed as follows.


Level of Loss Cut:50% of margin rate

The loss cut level may verifies depending on the account of the signal provider and the system status.

* I agree to use it by accpet the above term and conditions for using Follow account.