Signal provider terms

ForexBz Signal Provider Terms and Conditions of use

ForexBz Signal Provider Terms and conditions of use(hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") given the relationship between ForexBzLtd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and the SPs defined in the text regarding our signal providers (hereinafter the SP).

Chapter 1

The following defines certain terms that are used in this agreement:

1: user

Individuals or corporations that have opened an account on the official website "Atlas Forex" operated by the Company.

2: Signal Provider Program

User who opens an account on ForexBz through the Follow service provided by ForexBz will be paid by amount of commission as using the strategy provided by the SP.

3. Reward of Signal Provider

Amount of reward decided by us will be paid to SP(tax included).

Chapter 2 Registration of SP

In order to register as an SP account, you must agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement,to open a real account provided by ForexBz, then register as a signal provider.

Chapter3 Reward of SP

0.5pips is set for per trader for those users who use stratage provided by SP The payment is based on end-of-month withdrawal application. you only will be paid if your amount is over USD1000, or it will be carried forward to next month.After that, you can receive the reward by apply for a withdrawal request to your registered banks.You must submit the documents required to open an account before you apply for withdrawal Also, please note that payment of SP rewards may be postponed as scheduled due to any dealy of international transaction and we will not be liable if payment processing is delayed in such case.

Chapter 4 SP registration cancellation

You can cancel SP registration by sending application through our inquiry form.

SP acknowledge that even after you approved by registration of SP, we may cancel your registration without prior notice

Chapter 5 Service Maintenance

Service maintenance shall be performed anytime, and the SP shall have no controversy on the suspension of service due to maintance.

Chapter 6 confidentiality and personal information

Statistical information collected across all SPs cannot be used or published.

The SP shall not leak any information of technical, business of the company and advertisment members to a third party. Fo those released information does not apply.

The Company shall handle personal information properly based on the "Personal Information Protection Policy".

All the email contacted through our system, only the name and registered email is disclosed

Chapter 7 Contract period

The term of this Agreement shall be one(1) year from the registration of SP,this Agreement shall be extended periods of one (1) year each unless either party gives the other party notice of non-extension in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the original or any extended term of this Agreement.

Chapter 8 Deregistration of SP

The Company shall be able to cancel the registration of the SP and cancel the contract between the Company and SP by following reasons,

  • SP is not responsible through emails over 3 times or when it is considered we are not able to contact with SP by emails
  • When we judge SP is not qualified

Chapter 9 Deregistration of strategy

We shall review the registered strategy regularly, As a result of the examination,the registered strategy may be deleted at the discretion of the Company, for example, it may be deleted as the worse outcome.

Chapter 10 Prohibited Actions

Any actions that causes bad infulences or consquences to the company

Chapter 11 Forced termination of contract and confiscation of reward

The Company may terminate this Agreement without prompting for the following reasons.

  • If the SP does not comply with the terms and conditions of use in this Agreement
  • If the SP is committing an illegal act
  • Prohibited acts of SP
  • When it is found that the registered name is false or the different name registered by same SP
  • Mutiple registrition applied from same SP
  • When there is a disadvantage to the user due to a bug, deficiency, or trouble in the registered strategy or delivery signal
  • we determine that it is inappropriate

If the contract is terminated for any of these reasons, the Company shall be able to confiscate the reward earned by the SP and reject on payment. In such case, the Company shall be able to request the following matters.

  • Penalty of same amount of the reward
  • Loss compensation to users
  • Expenses such as transportation expenses and personnel expenses incurred for the investigation in the preceding paragraph
  • Costs and expenses related to the trial, including attorney fees if we file for law suit

Chapter 12 Contact

Generally, SP can communicate us through Emails or administration page of SP. SP cannot reject to contact through email during the contract period.

Communication between the Company and SP shall by e-mail or telephone. During the contract period, no rejects on contact through emails if we consider it as a must.

We may contact SP by mails in accordance with operation of service.

Chapter 13 Suspension, Delete,Supplement, Modification, Change of Service

We may suspend, delete, adding,modify or change the services at any circumenstance

Chapter 14 Qualifications of SP are as follows.

  • Users shall provide correct information when apply for SP
  • You have confirmed and agreed to comply with this agreement
  • Must provide correct data and information to network once start the program
  • You have not been forced to cancelling registration in the past
  • You shall communicate with the Company and other users with courtesy.

Cause 15 Registration / Approval

We approve SP based on the information when you apply for registration, At the time of approval or after the approval, SP shall be responsible for all consequence caused by fraudulent declaration.

Chapter16 Copyright

All the strategy provided by SP that can be used through our mirror service shall have no problem on copyright, we will not liable for any event of a copyright issue between the SP and a third party,

Chapter 17 Limitation of guarantee

Our company will make every effort to maintain stable services and operation,but we do not guarantee the following.

  • The service may not be operated continuously
  • Defects can be maintained anytime
  • Virus of computer system
  • Security implement fully under control

Chapter 18 Limitation of liability

If this agreement terminated n the middle of the period of the contract, no party shall be liable for any compenhensions caused by damage or indirect damage of any party under any circumstance.

Chapter 19 inevitability

It includes, but is not limited to, acts of nature, fire, strikes, floods, plagues, riots or acts of war. In the unlikely event of a default due to reasons beyond the control of the parties, the parties shall not be liable for default or failure to perform their contractual obligations.

Chapter 20 Jurisdiction

This agreement is complying with all the laws and regulations of the operating country

The terms and conditions of this agreement shall be interpreted by the law of the country in which the company operates, and the law of the country in which the user resides shall never be applied. In the event of a dispute between our company and the user, we will try to resolve it by discussing with each other, but if it is difficult to solve it, we will file for suit in the country where we operate.

Chapter 21 Revision of Terms and Conditions

We might revise the terms and conditions of this agreement by our own judgement without obtaining approval from SP